Through strong communication and client liaison we aim to feed the findings of our survey work combined with our expertise into the design team as a scheme progresses. This two way process ensures all relevant wildlife matters are addressed by the design but in a fluid manner that does not result in design conflict further down the line.

Now more than ever, providing good early advice on the BNG position of a scheme can result in significant commercial gains.

Habitat Management & Monitoring Plans (HMMP) are now a standard requirement for all schemes delivering any BNG on site. GE are specialists in producing HMMP’s along with other types of ecological management plans for a wide array of habitats and species that have clear objectives, are easy to understand and practical to implement. Often working closely with other technical disciplines our experience includes input on SUDS and swales, green roofs, lighting strategies, habitat restoration, soft landscaping and habitat clearance strategies.

We have experience of producing or inputting into a variety of report types including:

  • Ecological Mitigation & Management Plans (EMMP)
  • Biodiversity Mitigation Plans (BMP)
  • Landscape & Ecological Management Plans (LEMP)
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Habitat Bank Management Plans
  • Biodiversity Gain Plans (for on and off-site solutions)
  • Habitat Management & Monitoring Plans (HMMP)

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