Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) has recently become a prominent topic within the development sector following announcements in the Environment Bill that the government will be mandating a 10% net gain in biodiversity on all developments. In essence this means all developments must leave a site 10% better for biodiversity than before.

BNG is calculated using a metric developed by DEFRA and Natural England that sees ecologists using a variety of factors such as habitat type, condition, area, connectivity and strategic location to assess a sites value. The use of GIS mapping pre and post development results in an output from the metric in biodiversity units that are also expressed as a percentage net gain or loss.

If the development falls short of the required position then offsetting may be used on an alternative site. All measures securing the net gain will need to be secured in a legal agreement that covers management and monitoring for a minimum period of 30 years.

GE are working in partnership with Savills to provide offsetting solutions for developers. With GE’s in-house expertise on habitats and management plans and Savills extensive knowledge and contacts within the rural land owner community, this partnership will be ideally place to bring forward effective solutions to help developers offset their biodiversity net gain requirements.

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